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Jisan "Mari" Lee, RN, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, Gangneung-Wonju National University, Department of Nursing


08/2014 – 02/2018

Ph.D. in Medical Informatics, Seoul National University, College of Medicine

11/2015 – 02/2016

Visiting Researcher, Arizona State University

03/2012 – 08/2014

M.Sc in Nursing informatics, Seoul National University, College of  Nursing

02/2005 – 02/2009

BSN in Nursing, Yonsei University, Wonju, College of Medicine​



International Journal of Medical Informatics

“Validation and usability study of the framework for a user needs-centered mHealth app selection”, 167, Jisan Lee, Mikyoung Angela Lee

  PDF   Link


Healthcare Informatics Research 2022

“Development of a Standardized Curriculum for Nursing Informatics in Korea”, 28(4), Jisan Lee, Myonghwa Park, Bonkhe Brian Dlamini, Jahyeon Kim, Min-Jung Kwak, Insook Cho, Mona Choi, Yul Ha Min, Bu Kyung Park, Seonah Lee

  PDF   Link


Healthcare Informatics Research 2022

“Simulation Education Incorporating Academic Electronic Medical Records for Undergraduate Nursing Students: A pilot Study”, 28(4), Jisan Lee, Soomin Hong, Insook Cho, Myonghwa Park, Joo Yun Lee, Mona Choi

  PDF   Link


BMC Public Health 22

“Breastfeeding mobile application for mothers with gestational diabetes mellitus: designed by mothers and experts”, 22(1), Jisan Lee, Seungmi Park, Eunju Kwak

  PDF   Link


Journal of Medical Internet Research

Validity and Reliability of the Korean Version of the Health Information Technology Usability Evaluation Scale: Psychometric Evaluation,10(1), e28621, Jisan Lee, Rebecca Schnall

  PDF   Link


Journal of Korean Medical Science-Peer Review

"Lack of Acceptance of Digital Healthcare in the Medical Market: Addressing Old Problems Raised by Various Clinical Professionals and Developing Possible Solutions", 36(37), e253, Jong Il Park, Hwa Young Lee, Hyunah Kim, Jisan Lee, Jiwon Shinn, Hun-Sung Kim

  PDF   Link


Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (Stud Health Technol Inform)

Emergency Remote Learning in Nursing Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic, 281, 942-946, Eunjoo Jeon, Laura-Maria Peltonen, Lorraine Block..., and Jisan Lee

  PDF   Link


Healthcare Informatics Research-Peer Review

"Review of National-Level Personal Health Records in Advanced Countries", 27(2), 102-109, Jisan Lee, Young-Taek Park, Yu Rang Park, Jae-Ho Lee

  PDF   Link


Healthcare Informatics Research-Peer Review

"Popularization of Medical Information", 27(2), 110-115, Jisan Lee, Jougkwan Koh, Joug-Yeup Kim

  PDF   Link


BMC Women's Health-Peer Review

"How Can We Improve Knowledge and Perceptions of Menstruation? A Mixed-methods Research Study", 20(1),1-11, Gayoung Moon, Inkyung Kim, Habhin Kim, Suwan Choem, Soyeon Jeon, Jeonghun Cho, Sujeong Hong, Jisan Lee

  PDF   Link


Western Journal of Nursing Research-Peer Review

"Application Design for Child Obesity Management Based on Users’ Preferences and Needs", 42(5),356-364, Jisan Lee, Jeongeun Kim, Ahjung Byun, Meiling Jin, Meihua Piao, Kyungryeon Kwak, Hyeoiyun Lee

  PDF   Link


Computer Informatics Nursing-Peer Review

"The Purpose of Bedside Robots: Exploring the Needs of Inpatients and Healthcare Professionals", 38(1), 8-17, Hyeong Suk Lee, Meihua Piao, Jisan Lee, Ahjung Byun, Jeongeun Kim

  PDF   Link


Drug Safety-Peer Review

"Development of controlled vocabulary-based adverse drug reaction-signal dictionary for multi-center electronic health record-based pharmacovigilance",  42(5), 657-670, Suehyun Lee, Jongsoo Han, Rae Woong Park, Grace Juyun Kim, John Hoon Rim, Jooyoung Cho, Kye Hwa Lee, Jisan Lee, Sujeong Kim & Ju Han Kim

  PDF   Link


Healthcare Informatics Research-Peer Review

"Health Information Technology Trends in Social Media: Using Twitter Data", 25(2), 99-105, Jisan Lee,Jeongeun Kim, Yeong Joo Hong, Meihua Piao, Ahjung Byun , Healim Song, Hyeong Suk Lee

  PDF   Link


Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association-Peer Review

"Can menstrual health apps selected based on users’ needs change health-related factors? A double-blind randomized controlled trial", 26(7), 655-666, Jisan Lee, Jeongeun Kim

  PDF   Link


Computer Informatics Nursing-Peer Review

"A Typology of Future Health Services by Exploring Core Concepts and Values", 37(2), 107-115, Kim, Jeongeun, PhD, RN; Piao, Meihua, PhD, RN; Byun, Ahjung, MSN, RN; Lee, Jisan, PhD, RN

  PDF   Link


Electronic Commerce Research-Peer Review

"Why do young people use fitness apps? Cognitive characteristics and app quality", Page 1-7, Mijeong Park, Hana Yoo, Jeongeun Kim, Jisan Lee

  PDF   Link


Computer Informatics Nursing–Peer Review

"Method of App Selection based on User's Needs for Healthcare Providers to Select the Best App for Consumers", 36(1), Jisan Lee, Jeongeun Kim

  PDF   Link


Computer Informatics Nursing–Peer Review

“Beneficial effects of 2 types of personal health record services connected with electronic medical records within the hospital setting”, 35(11), Jisan Lee, James G. Boram Kim, Meiling Jin, Kiwhan Ahn, Byungjun Kim, Sukwha Kim, Jeongeun Kim

  PDF   Link


Studies in Health Technology and Informatics-Peer Review

"A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Intervention for Pediatric Obesity Using Mobile Technology", 22(5), 491-494, Jisan Lee, Meihua Piao, Ahjung Byun, Jeongeun Kim

  PDF   Link


Telemedicine & eHealth -Peer Review

“Development and efficacy testing of a social network-based competitive application for weight loss”, 22(5), 410-418, Jisan Lee, Jeongeun Kim

  PDF   Link


Healthcare Informatics Research-Peer Review

"Prerequisites for the Effective Implementation of Telemedicine Focusing on the Current Situation in South Korea", 21(4), 251-254, Hyeoi-yun Lee, Jisan Lee, Jeongeun Kim

  PDF   Link


Telemedicine & eHealth –Peer Review

“A health recreation program for u-healthcare clients: Effects on mental health”, 20(10), Jisan Lee, Jeongeun Kim, Suyong Jeong, Hanna Choi, Meiling Jin, Sukwha Kim

  PDF   Link

03/2023 – Present

Assistant Professor, Gangneung-Wonju National University, College of Health and Welfare, Department of Nursing

03/2018 – 02/2023

Assistant Professor, Hoseo University, College of Life and Health Sciences, Department of Nursing

03/2018 – 02/2019

Assistant Professor, Catholic University of Pusan, College of Nursing


02/2005 – 02/2009

Staff Nurse, Seoul National University Hospital, Neonate Intensive Care Unit

05/2016 – 02/2018

Research Assistant, Seoul National University Hospital


09/2014 – 02/2018

Research Assistant, Seoul National University, College of Medicine


08/2013 – 02/2018

Teaching Assistant, Seoul National University, College of Nursing


03/2012 – 02/2018

Research Assistant, Seoul National University, College of  Nursing

03/2013 – 12/2014

Administrative Assistant, The Korea Society for Patient Safety


03/2013 – 02/2014

Administrative Assistant, Games for Health Korea Forum



[CERTIFICATE] Certificated Physician in BioMedical Informatics, The Korea Society of Medical Informatics


[CERTIFICATE] R for Bioinformatics and Biomedicine, Bioinformatics and Biomedicine education center in Seoul National University Hospital


[CERTIFICATE] Meta-analysis methods in Nursing research, Seoul National University, College of Nursing


[CERTIFICATE] Evidence-based Medicine-Systematic Review, NECA (National Evidence-based Healthcare Collaborating Agency)


[CERTIFICATE] Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)(University of Michigan)

09/2011 – 10/2011

[CERTIFICATE] Nursing Progress for Intensive Care Unit Patients, Seoul National University Hospital


[CERTIFICATE] TKT Module 1, Band 3, Teaching Knowledge Test, University of Cambridge


[LICENSE] Registered Nurse, Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea


[CERTIFICATE] Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages(TESOL) Certificate, St.George International College




[AWARD] Best Presentation Award (Oral Persentation) from 12th International Nursing Conferences, Korean Sodiety of Nursing Science


[AWARD] the Grand Prize Award: Idea Machine & Implementation Battel (IMIB), Seoul National University, College of Nursing


[AWARD] Participation Award: Idea Machine & Implementation Battel (IMIB), Seoul National University, College of Nursing

11/2015 – 02/2016

[SCHALORSHIP] Study Aboard Scholarship, Seoul National University, The Office of International Affairs


[AWARD] Excellent Scientific Paper Award from KOSMI (Korean Society of Medical Informatics)  conference

09/2013 – 02/2018

[SCHOLARSHIP] Scholarship for Teaching and Research Assistance, Seoul National University, College of Nursing




Councilor: The Korean Society of Medical Informatics

Examiners : Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing

Member: Korean Society of Nursing sclence-Academic Committee


Member: Korean Society of Medical Informatics-Nursing Information Committee

Expert member: korea Health Information Service-Health Care Data Deliberating Council Expert


Member: Global Digital Health Partnership-Evidence and Evaluation

Global Digital Health Partnership, GDHP: Ministry of Health and Welfare, MOHW


Member: The Korean Society of Medical Informatics-Nursing Informatics  

2018- Present

​Planning director: Big data Clinical Research Group (빅데이터 임상활용연구회)

2016 – Present

Member: IMIA-NISIG Student Working Group

2014 – Present

Member: The Korean Society of Medical Informatics


2021 - 공동출판

제 3판 최신간호정보학, 박현애 조인숙 외, 현문사, p201-219



08/2021 - 08/2024

Healthdata Review committee member, Korea Health Information Service

10/2019 - 02/2020

Professor of AI education: Hoseo University, College of Life & Health Sciences

03/2016 – 08/2016

Chairman of Graduate Students: Seoul National University, College of Nursing

03/2016 – 08/2016

Chairman of Teaching Assistance, Seoul National University, College of Nursing


[APPOINTMENT] Mentor of Undergraduate Students (Yonsei University, Wonju College of Medicine)

07/2017 – 02/2018

[RESEARCH ASSOCIATE] A design research for the innovative children’s hospital with Robot-care, Game-care and Edu-care by multidisciplinary approach

05/2016 – 02/2018

[RESEARCH ASSOCIATE] Telepresence robot system development for the support of POC (Point Of Care) service associated with ICT technology

03/2016 – 09/2016

[RESEARCH ASSISTANT] Recent trend in Health IT: Analysis based on SNS data

11/2015 – Present

[RESEARCH MANAGER] Future Healthcare Service Design for DIY Health Management “Health Navi, Health Map, Health Bank”

06/2014 – 12/2014

[RESEARCH ASSISTANT] Analysis of the Health Information Portal “Health iN” and Building Its Content Development Strategy from A Single Payer’s Perspective

09/2013 – 08/2014

[RESEARCH ASSISTANT] Future Health Design: Development of DIY (Do It Yourself) Healthcare Modeling & Game-care with Digital Health Avatar and Gamified Health Management Platform

03/2013 – 02/2017

[RESEARCH ASSISTANT] Systems Biomedical Informatics Research Center: Semantic Self

03/2013 – 09/2013

[RESEARCH ASSISTANT] Development of Smart Home Technology for Healthcare of Elderly

11/2013 – 10/2014

[RESEARCH ASSISTANT] Consumer-centered Open Personal Health Record Platform and Services Development


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